[wingide-users] Giganormous buttons? (Debian/Linux Mint/Ubuntu)

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Sat Dec 29 08:47:11 MST 2007

Magnus Nilsson wrote:
> I've encountered on Debian Unstable, Linux Mint (4.0: Daryna) and Ubuntu 
> Linux (7.10: Gutsy Gibbon) that buttons appear to be very big in Wing 
> IDE (running the latest Personal Edition). It doesn't apply to all 
> themes, but it does so on e.g. the default theme (I'm switching themes 
> in Edit->Preferences, what theme I choose for Gnome doesn't seem to 
> matter). It's no big problem because I can just choose a theme that 
> works (like now I'm using AluminiumAlloy which works well), but I'm 
> curious because I've encountered it on three Debian-based distros, on 
> two separate computers.
> I'm attaching a screenshot so you can see what I'm talking about. Anyone 
> else have this 'problem'`:)
> Friendly regards; Magnus
> Screenshot url:
> http://pici.se/pictures/NxRiwNhxj.png

This url appears to be wrong or the site is down.  It's redirecting to
static.pici.se and then failing to find a page.

I haven't seen this but in any case wanted to note that you can use
your system-wide GTK by running wing from the command line with the
--system-gtk option or setting the Use System GTK preference.  It
could be this is some issue w/ our shipped GTK that will go away
when using the system GTK, and that should also allow you to use
your default Gnome theme.

Of course using system GTK may introduce other problems, if there
are binary incompatibilities, which there occasionally are with
different GTKs.  Linux (and thus GTK) sort of assume everything
is compiled again for a particular dist (by the dist maker or
by you). So the idea of binary compatibility depends a lot on that
compile happening, rather than shipping around compiled libraries
as we end up doing to avoid having to compile Wing on every Linux


Stephan Deibel
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