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Thu Dec 27 08:52:16 MST 2007

James Reese wrote:
> I'm using Wing IDE Professional 3.0.2-1 (rev 16915) under OS X. In order 
> to get a different output format for printing, I set the preferences to 
> print Python source code as text using the command
> /usr/bin/enscript -h -q --fancy-header=emacs -E -fCourier9 %s
> This gives me the format I want, but it displays the name of the file as 
> /tmp/tmpYXVLdb (or some similar name). How do I get Wing to use this 
> command for printing but to include the correct source file name in the 
> output?
> Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Removing "/usr/bin/" should fix it.  It looks like we add the correct
file name title w/ the -b option for enscript but our test for when
this is appropriate is simplistic and needs to be fixed so it works
when there is a path to enscript.

I'm assuming /usr/bin is on your path, which is very likely the case.
Please let me know if that doesn't help.



Stephan Deibel
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