[wingide-users] Source Analysis issue with Plone Package files

Andrew D. Fields Andrew at Divix.biz
Tue Dec 11 14:09:29 MST 2007

Comments below.

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> Andrew D. Fields wrote:
> > I think you need to *merge* the namespaces together; that is what I
> > did manually when I copied them all and "flattened" them.  The
> problem
> > I think is that there are *multiple* paths defined in the PYTHONPATH
> > that have the *same* namespace as the root.  For example:
> >
> >
> PYTHONPATH=D:\eggs\sfb.theme\;D:\eggs\sfb.policy;D:\eggs\sfb.cmis;D:\e
> > gg
> > s\avc.theme;D:\eggs\avc.policy;
> Note that D:\eggs\sfb.theme is not going to find D:\eggs\sfb.theme-
> 1.1.1-py2.4.egg without additional import magic.

Yes, I am aware of that. I was shortening the paths for readability

> I think I know what we need to do.  We'll try to automatically
> recognize whatever setuptools magic is doing the name space merging
> replicate it as far as Wing's source analyzer goes.
> I'm not sure yet how hard that is, so it may go into 3.1.  I could
> offer a dirty hack for 3.0 if you want, where you could write a script
> to reach through the Wing API into some internals to register your
> as merge directories.  We've already got support for this for Zope2
> it's not exposed to the user for the general case.

If it is not too much trouble; I was actually looking into this myself.
I figured there must be a way to program the referencing, but just
didn't have enough knowledge of the API to make it happen.
Just let me know what to do and I'll give it a whirl.

Andrew D. Fields

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