[wingide-users] Source Analysis issue with Plone Package files

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Tue Dec 11 14:06:27 MST 2007

Andrew D. Fields wrote:
> I think you need to *merge* the namespaces together; that is what I did
> manually when I copied them all and "flattened" them.  The problem I
> think is that there are *multiple* paths defined in the PYTHONPATH that
> have the *same* namespace as the root.  For example:
> PYTHONPATH=D:\eggs\sfb.theme\;D:\eggs\sfb.policy;D:\eggs\sfb.cmis;D:\egg
> s\avc.theme;D:\eggs\avc.policy;

Note that D:\eggs\sfb.theme is not going to find D:\eggs\sfb.theme-1.1.1-py2.4.egg
without additional import magic.

I think I know what we need to do.  We'll try to automatically recognize
whatever setuptools magic is doing the name space merging and replicate
it as far as Wing's source analyzer goes.

I'm not sure yet how hard that is, so it may go into 3.1.  I could offer a
dirty hack for 3.0 if you want, where you could write a script to reach
through the Wing API into some internals to register your eggs as merge
directories.  We've already got support for this for Zope2 but it's
not exposed to the user for the general case.



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