[wingide-users] Source Analysis issue with Plone Package files

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Mon Dec 10 18:31:55 MST 2007

Andrew D. Fields wrote:
> I found a number of articles in the archive about “eggs” and 
> python/plone but none of them solved my issue.
> Here is the basic problem:
> Using “buildout” for Plone/Zope, you get a directory called “eggs” that 
> contains various **unzipped** egg copies (I realize WingIDE doesn’t 
> support Zipped versions of eggs).

> Is this a known issue? I have to believe that as more and more people 
> code Python using packages this will become more of an issue.  I could 
> of course “flatten” my “sfb” namespace into one dir, since I think that 
> would work, but that would clobber my existing “docs” dirs (since each 
> package gets one).

It sounds to me like buildout is using namespace magic similar to what
Zope2 uses for its Products directory.  What is the point of import

from Eggs import archetypes.kss
from Eggs import X  # Where X is something inside one of the eggs
from archetypes import kss-1.2.3
from archetypes import kss

Or something else?  I'm trying to understand if the point here is
to merge the x.y.z name spaces or munge out the version numbers or

We have code in Wing that simulates what Zope2 does so if it's the
same sort of name space merge then it wouldn't be hard to add a way
to activate it in this case.

I may have some other ideas also, once I understand the use case

Note that I'm assuming you are using the right PYTHONPATH separator
in your path (namely, ; on Windows and : on other OSes).



Stephan Deibel
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