[wingide-users] Coupling WingIDE with an UML editor

Philippe C. Martin pmartin at snakecard.com
Mon Dec 10 09:23:14 MST 2007

On Monday 10 December 2007 05:25:33 pm Encolpe Degoute wrote:
> Wingware Support a écrit :
> > Encolpe Degoute wrote:
> >> Hello,
> >> in my work I often use an UML editor then a code generator and finally
> >> Wing to manage the project.
> >> DO you think it's possible to integrate an UML editor like gaphor inside
> >> Wing ?
> >
> > It's on our list of high-level features we'ld like to add at some point
> > and it's certainly possible.  However, I can't really comment on when. 
> > It's desirable from a sales standpoint (juicy feature for check list),
> > but ranks lower when compared to other features as far as how often it's
> > actually requested.
> I understand that point of view.
> I' asking this question because I'm working on python/zope code
> generation from UML diagrams.
> Projects like Chandler that are based on Wing could be easier to manage
> with this feature :)
> Regards,


I'm a bit out of scope; sorry. Do you know if Gaphor will eventually export 
Python code also ... by that I mean instrument the code in such a manner that 
the import+export+import process is possible ? (like Rational Rose)


Philippe C. Martin

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