[wingide-users] Source Analysis issue with Plone Package files

Andrew D. Fields Andrew at Divix.biz
Mon Dec 10 17:31:18 MST 2007

I found a number of articles in the archive about "eggs" and
python/plone but none of them solved my issue.


Here is the basic problem:

Using "buildout" for Plone/Zope, you get a directory called "eggs" that
contains various *unzipped* egg copies (I realize WingIDE doesn't
support Zipped versions of eggs).

The directory looks like this:







  \and so on...


Now, if I add the "eggs\plone.app.content-1.0.1-py2.4.egg" dir to my
PYTHONPATH, Source Analysis seems to properly process *all* the files as
it should, however, if I then add
"eggs\plone.app.contentmenu-1.0.3-py2.4.egg" it *only* processes the
first one.  This seems to be the case for *all* files where the
namespace is "duplicated" at the top level.

To fix this, I wrote a little script that "flattens" the entire egg dir
(not optimum, but it works) and I confirmed that that solves the issue.


Now I am to a new problem.  For existing code, it isn't a big deal to
run the script every once in a while to "flatten" the eggs dir, but for
code I am *developing* it is a real pain.  Currently, I have 3 dirs
labeled as follows: sfb.theme, sfb.policy, sfb.cmis - they are all in my
"src-custom" folder which is included using my buildout into the
pythonpath of plone/zope.  Problem is, I get the same results as above;
if I include "sfb.theme" first, that is *all* that shows up in the
Source Analysis.  My only solution would be to "flatten" my code, which
of course is not possible during *development*.


Is this a known issue? I have to believe that as more and more people
code Python using packages this will become more of an issue.  I could
of course "flatten" my "sfb" namespace into one dir, since I think that
would work, but that would clobber my existing "docs" dirs (since each
package gets one).



--- Best Regards, 

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