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Dan Cotruta dan at catmando.co.uk
Mon Dec 10 11:32:49 MST 2007

The odd thing is - that's what I figured at first. But Wing never recovered
(and while there were a lot of files, there were nowhere near that many
subdirectories. Anyhow, this is actually quite a common occurrence for us
now. We're Plone developers and since in version 3 everyone's moving to a
script based buildout systems for their installations, an update will
overwrite lots of directories. Because of this, our SVN repo often has to be
reintegrated with the changes and this often involves some convoluted
checking out and in finished by a complete removal of a project's root
directory (which is then recovered anyway because we rename a temporary
folder back to the original name).

I don't know whether this means anything in the long run, but for now we'll
just have to make sure that Wing is shut down while we do updates or rebuild
the instance.

On 12/10/07, Wingware Support <support at wingware.com> wrote:
> Dan Cotruta wrote:
> > Hello there. I'm using *3.0.2 *on CentOS 5.1 - and I think I've found a
> > bug. If you have a Wing project open, and you delete the root folder
> > contained in that project externally (either through the command line or
> > X windows) Wing crashes. It nearly took the entire kernel down with it.
> > I ca replicate this and provide a traceback if this is a new bug.
> It looks like Wing is scanning the disk so intensively that it hangs up
> for a while.  I just tried this w/ our sources by moving the directory
> and it lasted about 15 seconds to scan about 1.7K directories and 30K
> files.
> Then it complained about the project being gone and worked normally.
> Also, during the scan I was able to use other programs w/o any problem.
> Does this sound about right, as far as the proportion of time/files?
> We can try to improve this although I'm guessing it's rare and certainly
> can be avoided (moving the data out from under a running application is
> probably in general not a good idea ;-).
> My main concern is if this really could take down your machine entirely
> or if Wing ended up losing data some other way.
> Thanks for the bug report!
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