[wingide-users] [feature request] Dynamic vs Static autocompletion

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Mon Dec 10 09:05:49 MST 2007

Luc Bourhis wrote:
> the debug probe autocompletion seems to work even with objects which are 
> implemented in C. I guess it does some introspection, taking advantage 
> of the Python runtime. But the editor window does only autocomplete 
> based on static analysis of the source code, even when the program is 
> running. It would be great if the info gathered by the debug probe could 
> be passed onto the editor so that one could take advantage of the 
> autocompletion while fixing the code before killing the debugger and 
> running the program again.
> Actually, it could be useful if the information gathered dynamically 
> could be use in the autocompletion even when the program is not running, 
> but then those items should be displayed for example in italic to mark 
> they may not be 100% reliable.

We plan to look at making this kind of connection, but I'm not sure
when.  There's already some code that knows how to identify the
debug-side values for things in the editor so at least doing it while
the debug process is active may not be hard.  We may also keep info
around and offer it later, though of course in that case it could
become stale and we'ld want to flag those values are potentially



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