[wingide-users] [feature request] Dynamic vs Static autocompletion

Luc Bourhis luc_j_bourhis at mac.com
Mon Dec 10 06:06:49 MST 2007


the debug probe autocompletion seems to work even with objects which  
are implemented in C. I guess it does some introspection, taking  
advantage of the Python runtime. But the editor window does only  
autocomplete based on static analysis of the source code, even when  
the program is running. It would be great if the info gathered by the  
debug probe could be passed onto the editor so that one could take  
advantage of the autocompletion while fixing the code before killing  
the debugger and running the program again.

Actually, it could be useful if the information gathered dynamically  
could be use in the autocompletion even when the program is not  
running, but then those items should be displayed for example in  
italic to mark they may not be 100% reliable.

Wing autocompletion is already the best I have ever used, hands down.  
It is so good that one feels let down when it does not do its magic in  
fact! Hence this kind of request for more…

Luc Bourhis
Computer Scientist
Chemical Crystallography Laboratory
University of Durham, UK

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