[wingide-users] Auto completion PyGTK (Debian/Ubuntu)

Magnus Nilsson mastodront at gmail.com
Sat Dec 8 12:16:49 MST 2007


I've recently gone from coding in C++ to Python, using pygtk for GUI. I've
been spoiled with really good IDE:s like Visual Studio and Code::Blocks and
have now been searching for a Python equivalent. I downloaded a wingide
trial and really liked what I saw, except for one thing; auto completion
with pygtk. This is the one thin g that keeps me from buying the personal
edition, and if I (with your help) solves it, it's an instant buy. (Atm I'm
using Eclipse with the pydev-plugin).

I'm usually running Debian Unstable but atm I'm in Ubuntu 7.10. What I have
Python (version 2.5.1-5ubuntu5)
python-gtk2 (version 2.12.0-0ubuntu2)
wingide3.0 (version 3.0.2-1)

I've looked at the HowTo for wingide with pygtk but can't get it to work.
When I click "Show Analysis Stats" I get the following;

Next I downloaded the script: pygtk_to_pi.py and put it in the folder *
/usr/share/pygtk/2.0/defs/* (am I right here?) and ran "*sudo python
pygtk_to_pi.py .*", It gives me the following message;

*Parsing defs file ./atk.defs
Parsing defs file ./atk-types.defs
Warning: No class defn for AtkRectangle
Warning: No class defn for AtkAttributeSet
Parsing defs file ./atk-types.defs
Parsing defs file ./pango.defs
Parsing defs file ./pango-types.defs
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "pygtk_to_pi.py", line 1019, in <module>
    ParseDefsFile(src, namespace, cnames)
  File "pygtk_to_pi.py", line 435, in ParseDefsFile
    def_type, def_name, def_body = ParseTokens(tokens)
  File "pygtk_to_pi.py", line 288, in ParseTokens
    assert tokens[0] == '(' and tokens[-1] == ')', "Bad token sequence %s" %
AssertionError: Bad token sequence ['(', 'ifdef', 'PANGO_ENABLE_ENGINE',
'(', 'define-function', 'engine_get_type', '(', 'c-name',
'"pango_engine_get_type"', ')', '(', 'return-type', '"GType"', ')', ')',
'(', 'define-function', 'engine_lang_get_type', '(', 'c-name',
'"pango_engine_lang_get_type"', ')', '(', 'return-type', '"GType"', ')',
')', '(', 'define-function', 'engine_shape_get_type', '(', 'c-name',
'"pango_engine_shape_get_type"', ')', '(', 'return-type', '"GType"', ')',
')', '(', 'define-virtual', 'script_break', '(', 'of-object',
'"PangoEngineLang"', ')', '(', 'return-type', '"none"', ')', '(',
'parameters', '(', '"const-char*"', '"text"', ')', '(', '"int"', '"len"',
')', '(', '"PangoAnalysis*"', '"analysis"', ')', '(', '"PangoLogAttr*"',
'"attrs"', ')', '(', '"int"', '"attrs_len"', ')', ')', ')', '(',
'define-virtual', 'script_shape', '(', 'of-object', '"PangoEngineShape"',
')', '(', 'return-type', '"none"', ')', '(', 'parameters', '(',
'"PangoFont*"', '"font"', ')', '(', '"const-char*"', '"text"', ')', '(',
'"int"', '"length"', ')', '(', '"PangoAnalysis*"', '"analysis"', ')', '(',
'"PangoGlyphString*"', '"glyphs"', ')', ')', ')', '(', 'define-virtual',
'covers', '(', 'of-object', '"PangoEngineShape"', ')', '(', 'return-type',
'"PangoCoverageLevel"', ')', '(', 'parameters', '(', '"PangoFont*"',
'"font"', ')', '(', '"PangoLanguage*"', '"language"', ')', '(',
'"gunichar"', '"wc"', ')', ')', ')', ')', ';;']
ls in /usr/share/pygtk/2.0/defs/ gives me;
*atk.defs             gdkglext.defs        gtk.defs             pango.defs
atk.pi               gdkglext-types.defs  gtk-extrafuncs.defs
atk-types.defs       gdk-types.defs       gtkglext.defs
atk-types.pi         gtk-2.10.defs        gtksourceview2.defs
gdk-2.10.defs        gtk-2.10-types.defs  gtk-types.defs       pynotify.defs
gdk-2.12.defs        gtk-2.12.defs        gtkunixprint.defs    sexy.defs
gdk-base.defs        gtk-2.12-types.defs  libglade.defs
gdk-base-types.defs  gtk-base.defs        pangocairo.defs
gdk.defs             gtk-base-types.defs  pangocairo.override

*So here's where I am at the moment. And it's exactly the same in my Debian
installation. Can someone give me any tips on what to do. I'm really fond of
this editor, but auto completion is a must for me.

Regards /Magnus
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