[wingide-users] auto completed prompt from current file?

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Fri Dec 7 10:38:32 MST 2007

sunqiang wrote:
> for example foo = bar().
> foo(the return value of bar()) is a string.  wingide can't figure it
> as a string, so it can't give auto complete prompt such as
> foo.startswith....
> but after i write foo.startswith, could wingide ust this for the
> second time of "startswith"?

Wing currently does not do this because there's a possibility that the 
first use of .startswith is a mistake and it requires more indication 
that foo has an attribute named 'startswith'.

We have thought of adding an option to enable the type inferencer to 
guess a bit more.  For example, it might identify foo as probably being 
a string since a standard string method was seen.  This would introduce 
more opportunity for errors since a non string instance could have a 
method named 'startswith', but on balance be helpful.  Any option like 
this would be introduced in future Wing versions.



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