[wingide-users] global OS Commands?

Adam Pletcher adam at volition-inc.com
Thu Dec 6 09:39:35 MST 2007

Is there any way to do either of the following:


1.       Save Toolbox OS Commands per-user, but in a way that makes them
common across all projects that user opens?

2.       In a shared/two-file project, move Toolbox OS Commands into the
non-user WPR file, so they're treated as common?


Basically I have a couple OS Commands I want to define once for myself
across all projects and, ideally, for everyone else at our site,
regardless of the project they have loaded.


It appears I can sorta get this behavior by manually moving the
console.toolbox definitions from the WPU file into the WPR.  But it
reverts anytime the project is saved again.  It also requires everyone
to start with the same empty project file, or similar.





Adam Pletcher

Technical Art Director

Volition/THQ <http://www.volition-inc.com/> 


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