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Mon Dec 3 09:31:45 MST 2007

Russ Paielli wrote:
> I just started using a trial version of the Wing IDE. I like it, and I 
> will definitely get a regular license if I can use it effectively from 
> home, logged into my workstation at work.
> It seems to work fine on my Dell Linux workstation (Red Hat) at work. 
> But when I try to start it remotely on the Dell using my MacBook Pro 
> (Intel) at home, I get this:
> BadWindow (invalid Window parameter)
> (I would copy and paste the entire message, but the Mac doesn't seem to 
> let me do that.)
> Both of my computers are only a few months old. I am using ssh with X 
> forwarding over Comcast cable, and I have been working remotely using X 
> over ssh for years with no problem, nor am I having any problem with any 
> other X application at this time.
> Any ideas? Thanks.

It may be code in the shell script runwing.sh which sets DISPLAY=:0
if not already set.  You may want to print out the value of DISPLAY
before wing.py is run at the bottom.  Note that you also have bin/wing.py
in source form, in case that helps diagnose where it's failing.

I'm not sure whether it's related (probably not if you have it working
with other X11 apps), but I know Leopard sets DISPLAY to a weird value
like /tmp/launch* which may need to be altered.

The following page may help (search for 'ssh tunnelling'):


Please let us know if you find out what it is.



Stephan Deibel
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