[wingide-users] A simple question

Pete pfein at pobox.com
Fri Aug 31 02:58:59 MDT 2007

On Friday August 31 2007 2:00 am, Virgil Stokes wrote:
> I am using Wing IDE 2.1 and find it very useful. However, one things
> bothers me. Suppose I wish to have a "clean" exit/escape from a program
> that I am running in the IDE --- what Python code/expression do I need
> to have to accomplish this. By "clean" I mean no error messages generated.

On Linux, we set up our apps to catch SIGTERM:


import signal

def install_signal_handler(self):
    """install a handler for SIGTERM, providing clean shutdown"""
    def signal_handler(foo, bar):
        sys.stderr.write("Got SIGTERM, shutting down")
    return signal.signal(signal.SIGTERM, signal_handler)

where self is the object that takes over from your main().

IIRC Wing has a menu that allows sending signals to the debug process.  Using 
SIGTERM to mean please quit/exit/shutdown is standard UNIX - works with init 
scripts, kill/top, etc..

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