[wingide-users] VI mode, moving between files

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Wed Aug 29 12:01:49 MDT 2007

Michael Hipp wrote:
> Is there a VIMish way to move among the currently loaded files?
> I tried :next :previous Ctrl-^ and :ls with no success.
> See these for reference:
>   http://vimdoc.sourceforge.net/htmldoc/usr_07.html#07.2
>   http://vimdoc.sourceforge.net/htmldoc/usr_07.html#07.3
> I'm using 3b1 on w2k.

Looks like we only support :buffers and :files and Ctrl-w followed
by one of j, k, up arrow, down arrow, Ctrl-w, w, t, b, or p.

I've added those you mentioned to our list of things to add.



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