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Tue Aug 21 07:25:14 MDT 2007

Morten Lied Johansen wrote:
> We've recently switched to Perforce, and although the Perforce
> integration in Wing seems to be top notch, there is one feature that is
> lacking, especially when compared to how Perforce is integrated with
> Visual Studio..
> Does anyone know if it's possible to automatically open a file for
> editing in Perforce if you start typing in the open file?
> Would it be possible to do with a script of some sort?

It should be possible.  See the end of scripts/editor_extensions.py
in your Wing installation for an example of how to connect to every
document object.  That could be used as the model for connecting to
every doc or editor object.  Probably you want to connect to
'read-only-editor-attempt' on the CAPIEditor.

You'll need to read through the Scripting / Extending Wing IDE
chapter in the manual, and there are other scripting examples
in 'scripts' in your Wing installation.  Also, see also
bin/wingapi.py, which contains the scripting API.

If you add this and want to contribute the code, please let me
know.  The files in 'scripts' are all open source so can be
modified and redistributed.



Stephan Deibel
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