[wingide-users] Search in Files suggestion

Michael Foord fuzzyman at voidspace.org.uk
Wed Aug 8 14:36:51 MDT 2007

David Montgomery wrote:
> Hi,
> (This relates to Wing Version 2.1.4-2 on Windows.)
> I would prefer it if the Search in Files tool showed the current
> options that are selected -- or at least the common ones shown
> in the Search tool (Case sensitive, Whole words, In Selection).
> (And to those I would add the Text/Wildcard/Regex radio.)
> Frequently when searching across files I find that I need to
> set an option like Case sensitive or Whole words  to restrict
> the search.  And I may be using these search results for a
> while, so I can't immediately change the options back.  So
> what happens is that I forget these options are set, and in
> some later search I wonder why I'm not getting the hits I
> expect.  (Actually, that case isn't so bad -- the bad case is
> when I just accept the list of hits that's given, not realizing that
> I'm missing those that differ by case or word-status.)

This happens to me as well. +1

Michael Foord

> David
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