[wingide-users] feature suggestion: completion+merging

Rex Turnbull rex at dicad.de
Mon Aug 6 02:14:53 MDT 2007

Tim Mitchell wrote:
> I use the 'replace existing symbol' mode and sometimes find that it 
> clobbers to much sometimes.  Thinking about though it's usually when I 
> don't want to replace the existing symbol.  Thus another solution 
> could be to have 2 keybindings for selecting an autocompletion: Tab to 
> select the symbol using the completion mode selected in the 
> preferences (replace symbol), and Shift-Tab (or something) to select 
> the symbol using the other mode (insert).
> What do others think
+1 for two auto-complete modes. There are many ways to activate the 
auto-complete like '(' which is Shift+8 on German keyboards. But the 
more I think about it, shift+tab is less keys to hit than retyping the 
chomped word.

A key binding specifically for insert mode could also be the 'Insert' key.


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