[wingide-users] feature suggestion: completion+merging

Tim Mitchell t.mitchell at aranz.com
Sun Aug 5 15:00:50 MDT 2007

I use the 'replace existing symbol' mode and sometimes find that it 
clobbers to much sometimes.  Thinking about though it's usually when I 
don't want to replace the existing symbol.  Thus another solution could 
be to have 2 keybindings for selecting an autocompletion: Tab to select 
the symbol using the completion mode selected in the preferences 
(replace symbol), and Shift-Tab (or something) to select the symbol 
using the other mode (insert).

What do others think


David Montgomery wrote:
> OK, I've been playing with this, and I agree, it overwrites too much.
> For example, I was just wrapping a call like this:
>     x = obj.function(1, 2, 3)
> to become this:
>     x = wrapper(obj.function(1, 2, 3))
> My cursor was before obj. I typed 'w' for wrapper and then
> autocompleted, which overwrote obj to give:
>     x = wrapper.function(1,2,3)
> For this case, what I would want is to have:
>     x = wrapper|obj.function(1,2,3)
> where '|' indicates the cursor, and I just need to enter the parens.
> More generally, what I'm thinking of is
> if replace_existing_symbol_is_set and \
> text_about_to_be_inserted.endswith(text_after_cursor_til_word_end):
>     delete_text_after_cursor_til_word_end()
>     insert_text_about_to_be_inserted()
> else:
>     insert_text_about_to_be_inserted()
> David
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