[wingide-users] feature suggestion: completion+merging

David Montgomery davidlmontgomery at gmail.com
Thu Aug 2 22:45:18 MDT 2007


Let's say we have the following two variables in scope:

Let's say we copy some code that works with child_foobar,
and we're now modifying it to use parent_foobar.

Let's say we select "child" of the copied "child_foobar", and
we begin to type "parent".  After typing 'p' and 'a', we'll have
text like "pa|_foobar" (where "|" indicates the cursor).  And
we'll have the completion box offering to complete "parent_foobar".

If we select that completion, we'll get "parent_foobar_foobar".

What would be nice is if Wing realized that the string it was
inserting ("rent_foobar") ended with the rest of the word after
the cursor ("_foobar"), and it merged these two to give just

I remember Visual Assist doing this, and I really appreciated
it when they put it in.


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