[wingide-users] Debugger ignores a project's PYTHONPATH?

Pete pfein at pobox.com
Thu Aug 2 17:21:08 MDT 2007

On Thursday August 2 2007 5:53 pm, Joe Friedrichsen wrote:
> I'm using Wing IDE Professional 3.0.0-b1 (rev 16026) on a Debian Etch
> system and am having a small problem with the debugger: it seems to
> ignore the PYTHONPATH setting as given in the project's properties.

I seem to have similar problems under 2.1.4,  including in Source 
Assistant/View Source. I usually resort to starting Wing itself from a shell 
with the appropriate $PYTHONPATH set.  This is annoying, as I can't switch 
projects w/o restarting.
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