[wingide-users] Debugging client-server app

Tim Mitchell t.mitchell at aranz.com
Thu Apr 26 15:19:03 MDT 2007

Hi John,

Yes, I'm using Wing 3 and this matches what I'm seeing.

Just blocking the thread that the break point is in suits my situation 
(and I think is what Wing 2 used to do).  I am not bold enough to say 
that Wing should always do this though as stopping all/multiple threads 
at once may be useful in other situations, perhaps, maybe...


Wingware Support wrote:
... snip ...
> I assume we're talking about Wing 3.0 here -- when Wing stops at a 
> breakpoint, all thread are stopped or at least threads executing 
> python code.  Conversely when you continue to run, any and all threads 
> should have the ability to run.
> The question of what happens when you execute in debug mode is 
> probably that other threads are still blocked, but probably they 
> shouldn't be. Does this match what you're seeing?
> Thanks,
> John

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