[wingide-users] Debugging client-server app

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Thu Apr 26 15:08:01 MDT 2007

Tim Mitchell wrote:
> My main project is a client-server application.  When I am debugging the
> client and I use the Debug Probe many of my interactive commands never
> return and the debug probe says 'Excuting command. Please wait for
> result' along the top.
> AFAICT this happens when I execute a command that calls to the server -
> it appears the communications thread is also paused when I hit a
> breakpoint in the main thread.  This is really annoying and also
> severely limits the usefulness of the debug probe (Which is one Wings
> major advantages over eclipse & pydev IMO).

I assume we're talking about Wing 3.0 here -- when Wing stops at a 
breakpoint, all thread are stopped or at least threads executing python 
code.  Conversely when you continue to run, any and all threads should 
have the ability to run.

The question of what happens when you execute in debug mode is probably 
that other threads are still blocked, but probably they shouldn't be. 
Does this match what you're seeing?



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