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Max Slimmer max at theslimmers.net
Thu Apr 12 13:38:07 MDT 2007

Not entirely so, you can define additional files in setup.py to be moved to
the dist dir specified with the data-files directive, then if you want to
use py2exe (windows) which works quite well, or some other packaging tool
for nix systems that is still possible. Py2exe builds an .exe and collects
.dll's and optionally puts .pyc files in a lib, you still end up with a
number of files to be delivered.  I use a commercial partially open source
tool to package the resulting files into a self installing bundle, but you
could just zip the dist directory. 

WRT testing the resulting package under wing, I have seen some comments in
this list re py2exe built systems, I personally do my debuging and testing
prior to the distribution process.


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> >>How can I do this with Wing IDE on a Python program?
> I don't think you want to do this.
> You can put all of your python project files into an exe 
> using Py2exe, but you wont be able to debug it with Wing. 
> Wing requires the source files to debug.
> Py2exe makes it easy to distribute python apps as one file, 
> however if your app requires reading in a .INI or other file, 
> it must be packaged outside of the exe.
> There's no such concept as adding debug information to a python exe
> file- at least not yet.
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