[wingide-users] WingIDE 3.0 alpha1 - some notes

Jaroslaw Zabiello hipertracker at gmail.com
Mon Apr 9 14:53:31 MDT 2007

Version 3.0alpha1 has much better code completion for Python console.
But I still miss PythonWin's full screen editing (where I can delete
or copy any part of the screen to continue my work).

I still miss pythonic Mako templates and HTML/CSS/JS code completion -
Komodo 4 is more convenient here if somebody wants to work with Python
and with Ruby and with HTML and with other formats during web

WingIDE 3 has still inconvenient way of how project and its files work
together.  For me Eclipse has much more natural design here. I can
create or add folders and files just by clicking on any node of my
project tree. Simple and easy.

Jaroslaw Zabiello

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