[wingide-users] features

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Fri Sep 29 12:30:55 MDT 2006

These are all good ideas -- and it's helpful because it's a list of what 
someone doing web programming wants, which differs somewhat from what 
developers working on other types of applications want.

Feature requests can go to support at wingware.com or to the list.



Lee Connell wrote:
> Is there a better place to post feature requests?
> 1. ability to set top level project path
> 2. directory icons, file icons in project view
> 3. autocompletion type indicators, properties, methods etc.. w/ icons
> 4. python  code completion within html files
> 5. html, xml tag completion
> 6. ability to change html, xml, css, javascript highlight colors just 
> like python, c++, java
> Wing is a great tool, thanks for all your efforts!

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