[wingide-users] code completion

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Fri Sep 29 12:20:13 MDT 2006

Lee Connell wrote:
> I have this code below and it does not auto complete either item or 
> userList.  It can't infer the types of user, user.lists or 
> userList.items, is there anyway I can help it figure this stuff out for 
> code completion to work?

It probably isn't inferring the type of model.User.byEmail() for some 
reason -- I can't say why without seeing more of the source.  Without a 
type for user, nothing can be inferred for user.lists.   Wing also 
currently doesn't track the types of individual list elements so auto 
complete probably would still fail even if the type of user was known.

You can add explicit isinstance calls (e.g. assert isinstance(userList, 
SomeClass) to work around these problems.

We do plan to improve Wing's analysis capability, but some of these 
problems don't have a simple solution.



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