[wingide-users] Remote CGI hanging without WingIDE client running...

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Wed Sep 27 17:57:39 MDT 2006

On Wed, 27 Sep 2006, Sheila King wrote:
> Now in the past I have always left the line
> import wingdbstub
> in my cgi file, even when I was done at work for the day (sometimes for the
> weekend). Other staff may run the CGI script during the times I'm gone for
> testing and review purposes. It never seemed to cause a problem recently that
> I recall.
> But now if I forget to comment out the line for importing the wingdbstub
> module and some of my coworkers try to test the script in my absence (during
> which I routinely shut down the WingIDE client running on my computer), the
> CGI script just hangs and hangs. Actually, it will run but incredibly S L O W
> L Y so as to make it really unusable and not fit for testing.

As long as wingdbstub is found, it should just continue running 
without debug if it can't connect to the IDE.  It does, however, 
set up a listener for a connection back from the IDE so it may be 
that code is somehow interacting with the environment.  If you 
edit your copy of wingdbstub.py and set kAttachPort = -1 then
this listener is not set up.

If that has no effect, then set kWingDebugEnabled=0 to see if it 
is even the debugger that's the cause of the problem.

The way to start to diagnose this further is to set kLogFile 
inside your code of wingdbstub.py to a file that the process 
running the web server will be able to write to.  That may 
contain something useful.

Also worth a peek into your webserver's error log to see if 
anything is being reported there.

Hope that helps.

Stephan Deibel

Wing IDE for Python
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