[wingide-users] Remote CGI hanging without WingIDE client running...

Sheila King Sheila at Thinkspot.net
Wed Sep 27 09:57:17 MDT 2006

I'm using WingIDE for a remote CGI debugging tool. Love it. Been  
using it that way for quite some time...

I recently upgraded the CGI server to 2.1.2 (Linux/Apache) and also  
my local machine (Mac OS X) that runs the WingIDE GUI client for me.

Now in the past I have always left the line

import wingdbstub

in my cgi file, even when I was done at work for the day (sometimes  
for the weekend). Other staff may run the CGI script during the times  
I'm gone for testing and review purposes. It never seemed to cause a  
problem recently that I recall.

But now if I forget to comment out the line for importing the  
wingdbstub module and some of my coworkers try to test the script in  
my absence (during which I routinely shut down the WingIDE client  
running on my computer), the CGI script just hangs and hangs.  
Actually, it will run but incredibly S L O W L Y so as to make it  
really unusable and not fit for testing.

OK, I'm not 100% certain that this is a result of the upgrade to  
2.1.2, but it seems to me that it was as I don't recall experiencing  
this problem prior to the upgrade.

Sheila King

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