[wingide-users] How to configure WingIDE 2.0.3-1 to auto-complete functions from aggdraw?

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Tue Sep 19 19:05:09 MDT 2006

On Wed, 20 Sep 2006, Daniel Mark wrote:
> I install PIL and aggdraw with my Python 2.4.
> WingIDE can auto-complete and list all available functions for me whenever I
> use some
> module from PIL.
> For example:
> If I type Image., WingIDE will popup a small windows listed all available
> functions under Image Module.
> However, this good feature doesn't work on aggdraw.
> I can use functions from aggdraw, but WingIDE cannot popup auto-complete
> windows for me.
> Does anyone here know how to solve this problem?

If aggdraw is an extension module written in C or C++, try 
upgrading to Wing 2.1.2, which attempts to scrape autocompletion 
information out of extension modules.  Wing 2.0.x does not do 
that and it's a free upgrade.

It's also possible to generate *.pi files that Wing's source 
analyser will use to provide completion options, but I'm not sure 
that works quite right in 2.0.3 either, which is quite old.

There are some details on this here:


(see the section "Using *.pi files to assist analysis")

Hope that helps.

Stephan Deibel

Wing IDE for Python
Advancing Software Development


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