[wingide-users] Semi-OT: Howto build .app bundle for PyGTK applications?

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Sun Sep 10 16:36:28 MDT 2006

Wolfgang Keller wrote:
> Is there a step-by-step cookbook recipe somewhere how to build a 
> double-clickable .app bundle for a PyGTK application?

There's a couple pieces you may or may not be interested.  The first is 
that the Wing OS X app bundle consists of a small launcher application 
which runs the run-wing.sh shell script in the Contents/MacOS directory. 
  We have not posted the code, but would be willing to do so if there's 
interest -- it's probably not the best way to do things, but it works. 
There should be a number of other X11 application launchers for OS X.

The second piece is that run-wing.sh and later wing.py set up the 
environment so that the versions of gtk & pygtk that come with Wing are 
used.  This code is pretty much cross-platform (it's used on both Linux 
and OS X) and depends, in part, on patches to the gtk source so gtk can 
run in a directory that's different than it is built in.



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