[wingide-users] ?

Sheila King sheila at thinkspot.net
Sun Sep 10 10:39:31 MDT 2006

OK, I have a project that I use albatross framework for
(see object-craft.com.au)

This is the whole reason I use WingIDE at all.

Project has .py files and .html files (the .html files are actually
templates with executable statements in them...kind of like using PHP or

Anyhow, the .html files actually have .html in them, too

so I have this in one of the .html file


for the ampersand character.

I just upgraded to the latest WingIDE (professional). Before I was using
2.0. Now 2.1.2.

Wing is complaining about this character &

It says:
"Unsupported encoding '&' found in encoding comment--Wing cannot write
this file until the comment is changed'

and then has drop-down to choose other encoding.

OK, I obviously can't change the comment. And it's not a comment.

And I only want it encoding in plain ASCII text. No some other kind of
weird encoding.

What the heck?!?!?!?!

Sheila King

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