[wingide-users] feature request : jump to source when double-clicking on Traceback in debug-I/O window

Rex Turnbull rex at dicad.de
Fri Sep 8 00:55:34 MDT 2006

GD Alcos schrieb:
>>> + when an exception traceback is displayed in *Debug/IO* Tool,   
>>> double-clicking on line displaying FileName and number,
>>>   should go to the source in an editor window   (as PythonWin, 
>>> PyDev, Visual Studio, ..)  or *WingIDE in the Exceptions Tool Window*
>>>   NB: it is critical as most of the exceptions that occur in my code 
>>> are caught by the UnitTest Framework,
>>>   and are displayed by the *Debug/IO* Tool, not by the * Exceptions 
>>> Tool*.
Instead of using the Debug button or F5-key try the 'Python Shell' tool.
Use Options - Evaluate myTestFile.py (the file currently open in the 
main editor). I tried that on my UnitTests and no exceptions are caught 
by the IDE. All output is the same as in SciTE (my previous editor) or 
any other python shell. The only thing missing is the ability to jump to 
a specific line. And that might be a possibility to add to the context 


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