[wingide-users] feature request : jump to source when double-clicking on Traceback in debug-I/O window

GD Alcos guy.dalberto at alcos.fr
Fri Sep 8 00:03:09 MDT 2006


At 06:29 07/09/2006, you wrote:

>FWIW, I'd like some sort of support for unittest/doctest too.  It'd probably
>motivate me to write more tests. ;)

It's why UnitTest support in the IDE is so important.

When you begin to use UnitTests, you have to change your way of doing things.
And that's NEVER easy, so you need help.

I have been using UnitTests since I discovered Python in 2000, and 
retroffited to all my C++ developments (with Boost UnitTest framework).

Moving from classic development cycle to UnitTests dev cycle is 
nearly as difficult as moving from functional to OOP.

But IMHO, it's almost as rewarding, not of the same kinds :  less 
anxiety, faster development, much happier customers, bigger changes 
easier to write, ..

>Anyway, as a possible implementation strategy, instead of trying to parse the
>tracebacks in stdout, could you subclass the test runners to add hooks to the
>debugger/Exceptions tool/whatever?  It'd probably need some import magic and
>might not work everywhere, but certainly less painful than parsing text TB's.

I think you only need to get the line that's at the point where is 
done the double-click,
  then parse the line and jump to source.

All that is done in Wing Exception Window.

Regards, Guy

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