[wingide-users] feature request : jump to source when double-clicking on Traceback in debug-I/O window

Peter Fein pfein at pobox.com
Wed Sep 6 22:29:26 MDT 2006

On Tuesday 05 September 2006 16:11, GD Alcos wrote:
> Hello
> I am sorry to say that I will be teaching Python in about 2 weeks for
> developers of an important corporation,
> and I won't recommend WingIDE as their main IDE. We will probably use
> it only to debug and explore code.
> For that usage it's quite a nice tool.

FWIW, I'd like some sort of support for unittest/doctest too.  It'd probably 
motivate me to write more tests. ;) I paid for Wing and am still darn happy 
with it, not least for the support.

Anyway, as a possible implementation strategy, instead of trying to parse the 
tracebacks in stdout, could you subclass the test runners to add hooks to the 
debugger/Exceptions tool/whatever?  It'd probably need some import magic and 
might not work everywhere, but certainly less painful than parsing text TB's.


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