[wingide-users] Selecting text with keyboard shouldn't set X11 selection

Peter Fein pfein at pobox.com
Tue Sep 5 23:06:46 MDT 2006

If that subject didn't make sense to you, this is gonna be really arcane.

I use a nifty little KDE utility called klipper.  Straight from its docs:

The X Window System® uses two separate clipboard buffers: the “selection” and 
the “clipboard”. Text is placed in the selection buffer by simply selecting 
it, and can be pasted with the middle mouse button. To place text in the 
clipboard buffer, select it and press Ctrl-X or Ctrl-C. Text from the 
clipboard buffer is pasted using Ctrl-V or by selecting Edit->Paste.

Klipper, among other things, sync's the selection and clipboard, which is good 
if you find the whole thing pointlessly confusing to begin with (as almost 
everyone does).

Here's the problem:  Wing appears to set the X11 selection for text selected 
with the keyboard (shift-arrows, etc), as well as by the mouse.  While I 
hesitate to call this outright wrong, it's certainly different than every 
other program I've used.

This particular becomes a problem during refactoring, when I'll select the 
body of a function with the keyboard, Ctrl-X, then select the def/docstring 
with the keyboard and hit Delete.  No mouse involved, yet my function body 
has been replaced in the selection & clipboard by the docstring.[1]

Actually, on further investigation, this appears to be an open question.  Most 
relevant thread: 
So I guess I'm requesting QT-style behavior. ;)


[1] Klipper maintains a clipboard history, so it's still accessible, but it's 
a bit of a pain to get to (well, 3 or so extra keystrokes on what was a 1-key 

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