[wingide-users] File-open dialog request

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Mon Sep 4 19:42:29 MDT 2006

Tom Stambaugh wrote:
> I'd like the file-open dialog default to change so that I see *all* the 
> files in a directory, as opposed to just the python files. Could it at least 
> be an option in the preferences page, so that I can change it myself?

Yes, this can be annoying -- I just ran into it in another application I 
use.  How about defaulting to the last filter used so you only need to 
set it once?  This is for the win32 file dialog, not the one used on 
other platforms.

As for the gtk file dialog, we've considered updating to the newer file 
selector, but have been hesitant because of the lack of a text entry 
field unless you happen to know the key to bring it up.  Does anyone 
have an opinion on the way to go here?  We realize that a native dialog 
would be best on OS X, but it's not an option in the short term.



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