[wingide-users] File-open dialog request

Tom Stambaugh tms at zeetix.com
Mon Sep 4 07:46:59 MDT 2006

I'd like the file-open dialog default to change so that I see *all* the 
files in a directory, as opposed to just the python files. Could it at least 
be an option in the preferences page, so that I can change it myself?

I know this is a python IDE, and perhaps my use-case is pathological, but 
whenever I'm working on python sources, I'm almost always ALSO looking at 
xhtml, js, css, and even txt files. There are still some perl files out 
there too. I'd find the WingIDE *much* easier to work with if I didn't 
constantly have to bang at the file-type dropdown every time I need to look 
at, for example, a server log.

Wing seems to make some effort to understand the syntax of non-Python files, 
so perhaps it's not such a long stretch for it to also allow me to see these 
other files.

I like to use just one IDE for all my editing, and at the moment I end up 
avoiding Wing because of this relatively easily-corrected nit.


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