[wingide-users] An idea for better auto-completion

Toni Ruža gmr.gaf at gmail.com
Sun Sep 3 01:04:43 MDT 2006

It often happens that Wing cannot tell the type of a certain variable
and is unable to provide auto-completion (for example for a function
argument). In almost all of those situations the programmer knows the
type of that variable so it would make sense to help Wing out by
somehow letting it know about it, maybe in some kind of specially
formatted comment.

What do you think about this? Should we press wingware to implement
something like it? Or am I missing something? Does this already exists
is some form?

I often use a little trick for this but I don't like it. For example if I have:

def foo(bar):

And I know "bar" will be a "SomeClass" instance, i temporarily put a
"bar = SomeClass()" in the first line of the function and the
auto-completion works fine.

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