[wingide-users] Involuntary copies

Peter Mott peter at monicol.co.uk
Wed Oct 25 10:34:54 MDT 2006

Michael Hipp wrote:
> Wingware Support wrote:
>> On Wed, 25 Oct 2006, Rex Turnbull wrote:
>>> My WingIDE sometimes likes to copy a few lines even though I didn't 
>>> intend to
>>> do this. Happens especially often when I click in the editor window 
>>> to bring
>>> the input focus back to WingIDE from another program.
>>> I think this has to do with the mark, drag 'n copy functionality. Is 
>>> there a
>>> threshold number of pixels I can set before WingIDE recognizes a 'drag'
>>> command?
>> Can you let me know what version of Wing you're using?  Also, is this 
>> a new/recent problem?  I'm wondering if recent changes to default 
>> drag and drop behaviors has somehow brought this out, or whether it's 
>> a long-standing problem.
> I'm not the OP, but for me it is a longstanding problem. Personally I 
> find drag-n-drop to be a villainous feature and too easily activated 
> on accident. I much prefer the more deliberate cut and paste.
> Or it could be that I'm just a Luddite.
> Michael
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I have experienced similar - sometimes when I click on an editor when 
text is selected Wing duplicates the text and places
it at the click place. This seems to happen when the click occurs just 
after the selected text.  I have always thought it was an emacs thing 
whose usefulness was apparent to users of same. Perhaps it is? Anyway it 
has been around a while but I have never managed to reproduce it.


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