[wingide-users] Re: PyLint Integration Script 1.0

Wyatt Baldwin wyatt at bycycle.org
Wed Oct 25 05:33:17 MDT 2006

Markus Meyer <meyer <at> mesw.de> writes:

> Timothy Reaves schrieb:
> > My version of pylint reports that --parseable=n and --html=n are
> > illegal options._________________________________________________
> It might actually be helpful if you'd specify _which version is the one
> that doesn't work_ and if you already tried the newest version, no?
> Also, rumors have it that PyLint has a website which may give indication
> on whether those options have changed...
> Markus

I was having this same problem. I had to edit lines 155 & 156 of the script to
look like this, removing those pesky illegal args:

    cmd = '"%s" "%s" --reports=n --include-ids=yes %s' % (pylint_command,
filename, pylint_args)

I think the hardcoded args should be replaced with what gets specified in the
config file, or maybe there shouldn't be any hardcoded args.

pylint version: 0.12.1

Wyatt Baldwin

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