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Tue Oct 24 09:29:06 MDT 2006

On Mon, 23 Oct 2006, Tony Cappellini wrote:
> Would it be possible to modify Wing (without hurting performance) so that
> the "Always Report if unhandled" option could be qualified by the exception
> type?
> For example, If an app is throwing exceptions A,B,C,G,X,Y , but I'm only
> interested in debugging exceptions A,D,G

Can you clarify the use case for this?  Are these exceptions that 
are caught in some hidden handler (that Wing can't see, such as 
one written in C or C++) or are you saying you only care if the 
app terminates on certain types of exceptions?

> having a selection box to allow the user to select which of the standard
> exceptions to catch in the debugger would be useful. ANy other excpetion
> that is not selected by the user would be delat with with another
> selection box, such as "At process termination"

You might be able to get what you want with the Never Report and 
Always Report exception lists in preferences, under Debugger / 
Exceptions.  This string specified here should match the __name__ 
of the exception (A.__name__, D.__name__, G.__name__ in your 

It might be what you want is actually to change the Report 
Exceptions preference to At Process Termination and then add the 
__name__ for A, D, and G to the Always Report exception list.

Depending on what exactly you're doing, of course, this interface 
might not be optimal (for one, it's user-wide prefs, not 
per-project values).


Stephan Deibel

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