[wingide-users] A few more words on autocompletion

avnerben at 012.net.il avnerben at 012.net.il
Tue Oct 24 03:49:05 MDT 2006

Here are some more suggestions regarding autocompletion:

The list generated contains both user-defined names (from the present 
program), Python library names and language keywords. In a large 
project, the list amounts to dozens of entries and renders the search 
useless. My experience is that I almost always need my names, seldom the 
library names and the Python kwds I usually type to almost completion 
before I notice the presence of the helpful window. Also, when I do need 
the library names, I am aware of the fact, and wouldn't like to see the 
rest of list (kind of search through autocompletion).

I would like to see an __OPTION__ to divide the autocompletion list in 
tree columns: User terms, Standard lib terms and keywords. I wold also 
like to see only the user box by default, with a control to open the 
rest when desired (and available). Another option is to activate the 
division to three columns only when the complete list would exceed a 
preconfigured size.

I would also like to have the capability to define rules for adding new 
entries to the list and removing entries from the list. Here are some 
obvious rules:
- After underscore at start of line inside class with no constructor, 
add "__init__" to local list.
- After kwd "raise", suppress all entries that are not derived from 


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