[wingide-users] Uber-cheesy, may-not-always-work import organizer

Ken Kinder kkinder at gmail.com
Mon Oct 23 13:38:26 MDT 2006

I've attached a script I've been using for a few weeks to help me manage my 
imports. It provides two commands:

  * add_import saves you the trouble of going to the top of the file to add an 
import statement.
  * organize_imports puts all your top-level imports at the top of your file, 
sorts them, and dedups them.

add_import calls organize_imports

It does NOT consolidate imports like this into one line:

from pants import eggs
from pants import spam

It also does NOT work with lines like this:

from pants import eggs, \

If someone wants to add those two features, well, that'd be awesome. :) I 
seldom need either.

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