[wingide-users] code completion problem

Russell Warren rwarren at picarro.com
Mon Oct 23 09:41:26 MDT 2006

I happen to have pygame installed and just checked my code completion for it and it works fine.  To my knowledge I didn't do anything special at all with the install or with Wing.

When I've seen stuff like this it is because the library I want is not in the python path (or it is an egg I didn't use the -Z easy_install option on).

My pygame directory is in: C:\Python24\Lib\site-packages\pygame


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I'm using pygame library in my daily work. However, when I type:

import pygame

I do not see a list with all the symbols - e.g. I do not see 'init()' method. SPE IDE displays a full list without any problems so I believe it is also possible in WingIDE.

do I need to enable any option?

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