[wingide-users] Can't Launch IDE

Sheila King Sheila at Thinkspot.net
Sun Oct 22 15:38:36 MDT 2006

I'm on Mac OS X. Running Wing 2.1.2
Or at least I was until about 15 minutes ago.

X11 seemed to lock up (first time that's ever happened to me). Wing  
and X11 were unresponsive. I'd saved all my changes in Wing anyhow,  
so I did a "Force Quit" on X11.

Now when I try to launch Wing, it brings up the bouncing icon in the  
dock briefly, as though it is going to launch, but then I quickly get  
the error/alert window that says I can quit, report to Apple, or try  
to reopen. Clicking reopen appears to  do nothing.

X11 launches just fine.

Help? How can I get Wing to launch again?

Sheila King

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