[wingide-users] Mac OS X fonts

Martijn Pieters mj at zopatista.com
Wed Oct 18 17:17:27 MDT 2006

I have not yet sussed out why Wing won't show all the fonts available  
to Xft in it's font selectors (only X11 fonts are shown, even though  
Xft supports all the fonts installed on your Mac), but that's no  
reason to be stuck with blocky, non-anti-aliased fonts.. :)

Create a file 'gtkrc-user' in your .wingide2 directory with the  

   gtk-font-name = "Lucida Grande 11"

and configure Wing to use the default font for display, then you get  
to see Wing in anti-aliased glory anyway. Pick any font name, any  
size, that suits you. Pick one out using Font Book and copy out the  

I used darwinports to install the Bitstream Vera font family, which  
Wing does offer as a choice, so I use the Mono variant of that famiy  
for the editor font. But if you want to use a Mac font there too,  
just edit the .wingide2/preferences file and put your favourite font  
in the "edit.default-font" property, e.g.:

   edit.default-font = 'Monaco 11'

Now I only have to find out how to make Wing honour horizontal  
scrolling events..

Martijn Pieters
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