[wingide-users] Commentblock with ##

Rob Clewley rob.clewley at gmail.com
Wed Oct 18 15:54:22 MDT 2006


I'm new to Wing and I've been benefitting greatly from the powerful
debugging environment, among other features. But I would *really* like
to be able to comment blocks of code with ## at the beginning of
lines, not with a single, indented #. I see in the archives that this
subject has more-or-less been brought up quite a while ago, but I
don't feel that the issue was well resolved.

I understand this may be problematic for various Wing code that would
get confused about a break in the regular indentation of my code, but
can't you guys finesse a way to have ## lines be treated specially in
that code? I would have thought a trick like that would be
particularly easy in Python, after all.

Besides, I personally would rather have to re-indent code by hand when
I uncomment it than not be able to have proper block comments! I feel
the readability of my code is much worse without ## and I am still put
off doing major editing in Wing's editor when others let me work with
##'d block comments.

Please consider providing some option to let me put ## at the
beginning of a selected block (and to uncomment it too) even if you
don't work out to handle the indentation issues!


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