[wingide-users] Doesn't stop at breakpoints

Sheila King Sheila at Thinkspot.net
Wed Oct 18 12:38:13 MDT 2006

On Oct 18, 2006, at 11:16 AM, Tom Stambaugh wrote:

> I'm familiar (sort of) with the material in the help distribution,  
> and I
> haven't had the courage yet to try what Shiela has done -- and GOOD  
> SHIELA! I, too, want to debug a CGI-invoked python script running  
> on a linux
> dedicated server from my Windows XP box here on a broadband  
> connection. It
> would make my life *SO* much easier to be able to actually debug  
> the Linux
> execution from this WinXP box. I've always figured that with the  
> distance,
> processor and OS differences, and network vagaries it would be  
> impossible.

It is really not that hard to do. Just follow the documentation (as  
indicated by
WingWare support in a separate reply email).

I've been doing this for a couple of years now. Before that it was  
print all kinds of
debugging stuff to a logfile on the server and inspect that as best I  
could. But that
compares in NO WAY to the insight achieved by being able to inspect  
the stack
values and use the debug probe on a live CGI script while it is  
running. I solve
issues SO much more quickly now. It feels like a cloud or veil has  
been lifted from
your eyes.

Like I said, I was doing this for a couple of years...I ran into  
problems recently
with the upgrade to 2.1.2 (upgrades do scare me...I have to upgrade  
my Mac,
my Win2K and the Linux server...and I'm not really a Linux admin at  
all so my
install skills there are minimal ... lol).

When I searched for a tool to help me with remote debugging  
(obviously a few years
back that I did this search) WingIDE was the ONLY suitable tool for  
use with
a Python script. IIRC ActiveState had something they were working on  
that had
planned remote debugging features, but they were not available yet at  
that time
(possibly something planned for Komodo? not sure...). In any case,  
I've never looked
back. I really appreciate the WingIDE tool and have had no reason to  
search for
any other tool.

Support for this tool is awesome, also.

Sheila King

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